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Glass Wool Blanket Main Specification Range:Length:5-30m,Thickness:25-200mm•Width:1.2m(400mm,600mm,1150mm is available)

Glass Wool Density:10-12-14-16-18-24-32-50kg/m3

Advantages:• Grade A1.

Glass Wool Uses

Glass wool is a thermal insulation that consists of intertwined and flexible glass fibers, which causes it to “package” air, resulting in a low density that can be varied through compression and binder content (as noted above, these air cells are the actual insulator). Glass wool can be a loose fill material, blown into attics, or, together with an active binder sprayed on the underside of structures, sheets and panels that can be used to insulate flat surfaces such as cavity wall insulation,  ceiling tiles, curtain walls as well as ducting. It is also used to insulate piping and for soundproofing .

The  glass wool board   quantity  package is as following  :

Glass Wool Board Size Package PCS/Bag Package Bag/40HQ
48kg/m3-25mm*1.2m*2.3m     10      102
48kg/m3-50mm*1.2m*2.3m      5      102
48kg/m3-25mm*1.2m*1.2m     18      102
48kg/m3-50mm*1.2m*1.2m      9      102
48kg/m3-25mm*0.6m*1.2m     18      209
48kg/m3-50mm*0.6m*1.2m      9      209
56kg/m3-50mm*1.18m*1.2m      9      106

Glass Wool Technical Parameters   

50mm high density glass wool blankets

Item  Unit       Index Standard
Density Kg/m3 10-80 GB/T 5480.3
Average fiber dia μm 5-8 GB/T 5480.4
Water content   % ≤1 GB/T 16400-2003
Grade of combustibility   Non-combustible Grade A GB 8624-1997
Reshrinking temp 250-400 GB/T 11835-2007
Thermal conductibility W/m.k 0.034-0.06 GB/T 10294
Hydrophobicity % ≥98 GB/T 10299
Moisture rate % ≤5 GB/T 5480.7
Sound absorption  coefficient    1.03 product reverberation method          24kg/m3    2000HZ GBJ 47-83
Slag inclusion   content  % ≤0.3 GB/T 5480.5

Glass Wool Main specification:

Product Length(mm) Width(Diameter)(mm) Thickness(mm) Glass wool Density(kg/m3)
Boards 1200-2400 600-1200 20-100 24-96
Blanket 11000,20000 1200 25-150 12,16,20,24,32,40,48
Batt 1160-1200 410-610 100-200 10-48

Different  Names of   Glass Wool Insulation  

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