Glass wool for Australia AS-NZS 4859.1,Glass wool batts,Home insulation.

Glass wool Meeting AS/NZS 4859.1/Glass wool batts/HOME Insulation FOR AUSTRALIA

one of largest Chinese MANUFACUTRE, we specializes in Centrifugal glass wool felt, Centrifugal glass wool board, Centrifugal glass wool with aluminum foil, Centrifugal glass wool board with aluminum foil, rubber plastic foam tube and plates, rock wool etc.

Thermal insulation glass wool best price
Density 10kg/m3–96kg/m3
Thickness 25mm-180mm
Wide 600/1200mm
Length 6m-30m
Glass wool with Aluminum foil(FSK) are able to be stick on the surface.
Function/advantages of fiber glass wool
Heat Insulation and Thermal Preservation
Low conductivity factor
Noise Insulation and Sound Absorption
Water Proof & Moisture Proof
Stable physical and chemical properties.
Antisepsis, ageing resistance, and anticorrosion, ensuring a healthy environmen

Item Unit Index The measured figure Remarks
Volume weight kg/m 3 10-96 10-96 GB/T 13350-2000
Average fiber diameter μ m < 8.0 4.0-6.0 GB/T13350-2000
Hydrophobic % > 98 > 98.5 JISA9512-2000
Heat conduct coefficient W/m· K 0.049-0.042 0.045-0.032 GB/T13350-2000
Incombustibility Incombustible Qualified (Grade A) GB/T13350-2000
Heat absorption coefficient 1.03 product reverberation method
Highest usage temperature C 400 410 GB/T13350-2000
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