Foam Rubber Insulation Rolls

Foam Rubber Insulation Rolls,Rubber Foam Insulation Sheet,Rubber Foam pipe and sheet insulation factory

The surface temperature is come to the perfect an incentive by methods for the low protection esteem. The materials and cell structure of Rubber Foam Insulation Sheet, which is made as per the reasonable thickness and shut cell rate guarantees long haul protection effectiveness and opposes to water vapor porousness. Our Rubber Foam Insulation Sheet is impervious to flame. When it doesn’t enable the flares to advance in the vertical and level heading. By methods for this element it meets every quality endorsed for flame protection and it is a protection material customers can use it in their structures and establishments unhesitatingly.

Obtained from flexible and durable sponge rubber to provide thermal and moisture insulation, our rubber foam insulation sheet are completely smooth and resistant to water and fire. The rubber processed in its making has a unique molecular structure that provides it with long lasting comfort and excellent durability.

The types of  rubber foam  sheet 

  • rubber  foam sheet can print your self logo 
  • rubber foam sheet with self-adhesive kraft
  • rubber foam sheet with pure aluminium foil clad  on one side
  • rubber foam sheet with aluminium foil on one side and  with self-adhesive on another side

The  Advantages  and Specifications

  • Excellent acoustic insulation also can reduce noise and sound transmitting
  • Non-corrosive, durable and  flexable 
  • moisture resistant, fire resistant
  • good strength to resist deformation
  • Rubber Foam pipe and sheet insulation factory
  • Export with high reputation
  • excellent thermal insulation–very low thermal conductivity coefficients
  • Via ISO, SGS qualification and BS476,KS , UL,ASTM, FM certificate.    

The usage  of the  rubber foam heat insulation  

Item Specification
Materal Main raw material : NBR/PVC
The used for of the rubber foam The heat-insulating and heat preservation of shell of big tanks and piping in the construction, business and industry, heat insulation of air conditioners and automobile air conditioners; protection of short equipment in cushions and diving suits.
Water absorption ratio in vacuum ≤ 10
Flammability Flame retardant class B1
oxygen index ≥ 32
vartically burning ≤ 30s ≤ 250mm
SDR ≤ 75
Density 40-80 kg/m3
Aging resistance Slightly crumpling, no craks, no pin holes, not deforming
Products type Pipe & sheet
Color Black
Regular size Pipe : with ID 6-180mm
Sheet with thickness 6-30mm
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